Strategy and Policy Committee

This Committee handles Council’s strategy and policy programmes, services, activities and their associated projects.

Responsibilities include the physical development and growth of the Tasman District through a focus on land and resource use and the appropriate provision of infrastructure; and any policies and plans required under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

 It looks after:

  • electoral and democratic functions of local government in the Tasman District; and
  • Long Term Plans, Annual Plans, Activity Management Plans, Statutory Policies, Annual Report; and
  • Resource Management Act Policies and Plans.


  • Cr Maling (Chair)
  • Cr Hill (Deputy)
  • Cr Bryant
  • Cr Butler
  • Cr Greening
  • Cr Dowler
  • Mayor King
  • Cr Mackenzie
  • Cr McNamara
  • Cr Ogilvie
  • Cr Tuffnell
  • Cr Turley
  • Cr Walker
  • Cr Wensley