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District Licensing Committee

Deals with all alcohol licensing matters.

The Committee makes decisions on applications for:

  • New On, Off and Club licences
  • Manager's Certificates
  • Special Licences
  • Renewal of all Licences and Manager's Certificates
  • Temporary Authority


The District Licensing Committee is made up of a Chairperson and two of three appointed community members.

  • Cr David Ogilvie (Chair)
  • Cr Mark Greening (Deputy)
  • Approved Members:
    • David Lewis
    • Laurie Gabites
    • Michael Fitzsimons

Hearings and Decisions

For most licence applications, if there are no objections from the public or opposition from the reporting authorities (Police, the Medical Officer of Health, and the Council's Licensing Inspectors), applications can be granted by the chairperson without the need for a public hearing.  

When dealing with temporary authorities, or other applications in which there are objections or opposition, the full District Licensing Committee must sit with a quorum of three.  These will sometimes be public hearings. If a public hearing is required, the applicant and objectors will be notified.

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