Proposed Change 68: Omnibus Amendments

Current Status

The Plan Change was approved on 18 April 2019 to commence as Operative Changes from 15 June 2019 and will be included in an update to the Tasman Resource Management Plan from that date.


Date Notified: 15 December 2018

Hearing of submissions

Date: 19 November 2018

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Summary of submissions

Date Notified: 8 September 2018
Further Submissions Close: 4.00pm, Monday 24 September 2018

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There were no submissions received for the following topics:

Plan Change Reference Title


Protected Tree Schedule updates


Election signage


Multiple sided sign changes


Sandwich boards


Rezoning Rototai Reserve, Nees Rd, Takaka


Overlay adjustment St Arnaud Landscape protection area


Zone correction, Charlottes Lane, Brightwater


Overlay update Fault Rupture Risk Area


Correction to Conservation Zoning adjacent to specified Marginal Strips

In accordance with section 86B of the Resource Management Act, the rules contained within these topics have legal effect from 16 August 2018.

Plan change details and documents

This Change carries out a number of minor amendments to outdated text, the correction of errors or anomalies, or simple adjustments to improve clarity of jurisdiction, interpretation or enforcement.  Others relate to zoning and overlay changes that correct errors or anomalies that have generally been created through other changes to the TRMP; or through sale, subdivision, or development of the affected land.

Date Notified: 14 July 2018
Submissions Closed: Monday 13 August 2018