Proposed Change 67: Waimea Water Management Technical Amendments

Current Status

As no appeals have been received, the rules are effectively operative and have full legal effect. The Plan Change will be annotated as operative in the next update of the Tasman Resource Management Plan.


Date Notified: 15 December 2018

Decision Report 630 - C67: Waimea Water Management Technical Amendments (pdf, 168 KB)

Plan Amendment Compilation in Topic Order (pdf, 104 KB)

Hearing of submissions

Date: 19 November 2018

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Summary of submissions

Date Notified: 8 September 2018
Further Submissions Close: 4.00pm, Monday 24 September 2018

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Plan change details and documents

This Change proposes to make mainly technical amendments to a number of existing provisions concerning Waimea Plains water management in Chapters 30 and 31, to update them, clarify their effect, and correct errors.  These amendments affect provisions for managing the transitional decisions concerning the Waimea Community Dam (WCD). 

Date Notified: 14 July 2018
Submissions Closed: Monday 13 August 2018