Change 66: Richmond Housing Choice

This plan change became operative on 15 December 2018.

This Change increased the choice of living opportunities in Richmond to allow for:

  • residential intensification in central Richmond in the Richmond Intensive Development Area (RIDA) as shown on the planning maps; and
  • a change to the compact density provisions for Richmond South and West.

Current Status: Approval and commencement as Operative notified on 15 December 2018


Date Notified: 4 July 2018

Generally the overall direction, policies and rules that were first proposed were retained.

The changes made were minor and related to the detail rather than the framework of the Plan Change. The changes:

  • Clarify that all residential development that is not medium density development (compact density, comprehensive residential or intensive development) is standard density development
  • Include further policy protection for historic and cultural heritage
  • Encourage the incorporation of universal design principles in housing development
  • Clarify that for intensive and compact development the setback for buildings from the road or front boundaries is less than for standard development
  • Further restrict the height in relation to boundary rule for the most southerly orientated side or rear boundary of a site where there is an intensive housing development on an adjacent property, to further reduce any minor adverse effects of shading in winter and more broadly, on amenity.
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