Proposed Change 60 - Decisions

Read about the new rules that come into effect governing rural land use and subdivision, which better protect the District’s best productive land while also offering greater flexibility for landowners. These rules now take effect but do not become fully operative until they are beyond contest.

Key changes

Some of the main changes to the previous set of rules include:

Rural 1 and 2 zones:

  • Landowners have a final opportunity to subdivide as a ‘Controlled Activity’ which requires a low level of consent. After that, further subdivision of the same area of land is discouraged – becoming a ‘Non-complying Activity’
  • Introduction of an average minimum lot size to increase flexibility for landowners
  • Boundary adjustments and amalgamations, which improve productive opportunity, are encouraged.

Rural 1, 2 and Rural Residential zones:

  • Provision for a detached minor dwelling of limited size as an alternative to an attached housekeeping unit of any size
  • Better policy support and guidance for co-operative living

All rural zones:

  • Increased protection for rural character and amenity through encouragement of low-impact design and adjusted boundary setback
  • Guidance about what new commercial and industrial activities can establish

Decision documents