Proposed Change 60: Rural Land Use and Subdivision Policy Review

Current Status

The Plan Change was approved on 18 April 2019 to commence as Operative Changes from 15 June 2019 and will be included in an update to the Tasman Resource Management Plan from that date. 

Variations 1 and 2

As part of the process of finalising Plan Change 60 (PC60), Council notified proposed Variations 1 and 2 to PC60. The overall purpose of both variations was to amend rules to give effect to the intended objectives and policies of PC60 by correcting drafting errors or extending consent orders to the other rural zones for consistency purposes.

These Variations were notified on 14 July with three submissions having been received in support with no requests to be heard. As no further changes to the Variations were proposed, Council resolved to adopt Variations 1 & 2 to Plan Change 60 as notified

Brochure explaining the changes

The following brochure provides up-to-date information about the changes to the rural land rules that were introduced into the Tasman Resource Management Plan (the District Plan) through PC60, as amended by submission and appeal requests accepted by Council.

Proposed Plan Change Details and Documents

This Plan Change reviews and updates the policy and rules for rural land use and subdivision. The proposed amendments ensure greater protection of productive capacity, allow for flexibility of use and maintain rural character – while offering greater choices for landowners.

Date Notified: 30 January 2016
Submissions (Original) Closed:  Monday, 14 March 2016

About the documents notified

The first document below, briefly summarises the contents of the Proposed Change in the Explanatory Statement, while the Schedule of Amendments lists all the changes in the order that they appear in the Plan.

Documents numbered 02 to 15 contain the various sections of the Plan, showing the amendments as a result of the Plan Change.

The 'Section 32 Report' evaluates the Change proposals in terms of benefits, costs, effectiveness, efficiency and overall appropriateness. It also lists the alternative options considered by the Council during the development of the proposed Change and assesses the proposals against the current plan provisions. The Executive Summary, contained in the report, provides a brief overview of the contents of the report.

Finally, the brochure provides background information about the Proposed Change and gives a brief overview of the key proposals.

The Documents as notified