Change 67: Waimea Water Management Technical Amendments

This plan change became operative on 15 June 2019.

This Change proposed to make mainly technical amendments to a number of existing provisions concerning Waimea Plains water management in Chapters 30 and 31, to update them, clarify their effect, and correct errors.  These amendments affected provisions for managing the transitional decisions concerning the Waimea Community Dam (WCD). 

Notified: 14 July 2018
Submissions closed:
13 August 2018
Further Submissions - Notified: 8 September 2018   Closed: 24 September 2018
Hearing held: 19 November 2018
Decisions Notified: 15 December 2018
Approval and commencement as Operative: 15 June 2019

The following documents are retained for reference purposes only.


Hearing of submissions 

Summary of submissions

 Plan change documents