Responsible Camping Strategy

This Strategy provides direction in managing the increasing numbers of visitors seeking free or low-cost camping opportunities within the Tasman District.

What is the Responsible Camping Strategy?

The Responsible Camping Strategy is a high-level plan that provides direction for the Council on challenges brought by increasing numbers of visitors looking for camping opportunities. This is done through its management of regulations, provision of facilities, and visitor information. The Strategy will help inform future sites, prohibitions, and restrictions in the Tasman Freedom Camping Bylaw. 

Read the Responsible Camping Strategy here: 

Responsible Camping Strategy (pdf, 1.3 MB)

The Council adopted the Responsible Camping Strategy at the Full Council meeting on 28th April 2020.

Read the Council report here: Responsible Camping Strategy Full Council Report (pdf, 767 KB)

Next Steps

The Council will commence an in-house review of the existing and any potential new locations for freedom camping, using the site criteria in the Responsible Camping Strategy. The Council’s Freedom Camping Bylaw will then be reviewed and publicly consulted on. Consultation is expected to take place later in 2020.


About the Responsible Camping Strategy

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