Housing accord and special housing areas

The housing accord is an agreement with government about increased housing supply and affordability.

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The Tasman Housing Accord

The 2017 Tasman Housing Accord sets targets for delivering increased housing supply and better affordability of homes. The final target in the Accord covered the period July-June 2019. The Accord included targets on creation of new residential sections and residential building consents between 2016 and 2019. 

The Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 was partially repealed on 16 September 2019. This means that no new Special Housing Areas can be established after this date.


The Accord sets out the Council’s commitment to enabling an adequate supply of land and a healthy mix of residential living options for housing. The aim is to increase the supply and affordability of homes in the Tasman District.



The Accord sets targets for the Tasman District Council for consenting new residential dwellings and gives the Council the ability to recommend the establishment of Special Housing Areas to the Minister for Building and Construction.

In the first three years of the Housing Accord (2016-2019) we consented 1182 dwellings and therefore exceeded our overall target of 1140 houses for the first three years.

The Housing Accord also had a target range of 770-830 sections being created on zoned residential land for the 3-year period. Over this period, 746 sections were created in Tasman District.

Lead Policy

The lead policy set out how we considered requests for special housing areas (SHA). The policy had a set of over-riding principles that set the context for decision making. The policy itself sets out the process the council followed and the criteria used to guide its decision making on requests for SHAs. 

The following document is retained for reference purposes only:

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