Urban stormwater strategy

This strategy sets out how we manage stormwater in a way that supports the well-being of current and future generations.


The purpose of this Strategy is to provide direction to the development of urban stormwater catchment management plans in the Tasman District to support the analysis, planning and management of stormwater, consolidated in urban catchment management plans and to support the development of other strategic documents.

This Strategy will provide the framework against which the assessments in the Catchment Management Plans will be undertaken. It is anchored on our vision to protect and enhance the mauri of wai / life force of water and to provide for:

  • Te Hauora o Te Wai – the health of the water;
  • Te Hauora o Te Taiao – the health of the environment;
  • Te Hauora o Ngā Tangata – the health of the people

Prudent stormwater management will contribute to this vision through an integrated and sustainable approach that supports economic vitality, desirable lifestyle and ecological health.


Urban Stormwater Strategy (pdf, 494 KB)

Goals and objectives
Why is managing urban stormwater important?
How does urban catchment management planning work?
Urban stormwater discharge consent application

Catchment management plans

Effective co-ordination of multiple issues

Richmond's catchment management plan was adopted in August 2019.