Kingsland Forest Park Development Plan

The backdrop to Richmond

What is the Kingsland Forest Park Development Plan?

We will be replanting the Forest in a mix of native and permanent exotic trees, and improve the recreational tracks. This will be done over the next 20 years as we gradually retire from commericial forestry operations to focus on recreational usage.

Name change 

The Forest will be renamed Kingsland Forest Park to signify the change from a commercial forest to a recreational area. The Kingsland name acknowledges the efforts of Henry and Tom Kingsland, father and son, who were involved in the pine industry in Richmond from the 1920s.

Read the Kingsland Forest Park Development Plan here:

On 2nd July 2020, Tasman District Councillors adopted the Development Plan.

Read the Plan here: Kingsland Forest Park Development Plan (pdf, 2.2 MB)

Read the Report to the Strategy and Policy Committee here (page 11): Strategy and Policy Agenda & Reports 02-07-2020 (pdf, 22 MB)

Appendices: Kingsland Forest Park Development Plan Appendices (pdf, 1.3 MB)

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