Flying unmanned aircraft over council land

Policy on where you can and can't fly drones, model aircraft and other unmanned aircraft over Council land.

Policy summary

Provided you follow the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) operating rules and subject to conditions, you have Tasman District Council’s permission to fly unmanned aircraft over Council land, with the exception of:

  • Council offices and libraries;
  • Council land managed as plantation forest;
  • Mapua precinct and wharf area, and Waterfront Park;
  • Washbourn Gardens;
  • Pethybridge Rose Gardens;
  • Takaka Memorial Gardens;
  • Council cemeteries;
  • Motueka sandspit (Council owned portion. Refer to the Department of Conservation on rules for its portion of the spit);
  • any Council land that is leased to another party (e.g. bowling greens, tennis courts, grazing licences); and
  • any location on Council land during an organised gathering of people (including sporting events).

 Council may consider specific requests to fly over these areas. 

Flying near aerodromes has specific rules

If you want to fly over land within the 4km zones around aerodromes, you will either need to stick to shielded operation (stay low), or obtain permission from the aerodrome operator and comply with their requirements. The Council’s Property Services Manager is the aerodrome operator for the Motueka Aerodrome.

More information

If you require any other information, please contact our Property Officers

  • Download: 
Tasman District Council conditions when flying unmanned aircraft over council land

Where can I fly and what permissions do I need?

General CAA rules and Air Traffic Control
Landowner / occupier permission

Rules for Flying

Other rules and conditions apply, whether you’re flying with or without a pilot licence and authorisation from Air Traffic Control/the aerodrome operator.

We advise people to always read the rules in full, along with the relevant advisory circulars on the CAA website.

The advisory circulars aim to help people interpret the rules and understand how to comply with them.

Civil Aviation Authority operating rules
Privacy Act
What types of aircraft can you fly over council land?
Further reading

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