Plans, policies, reports and strategies

The documents guide our decision-making and help us achieve a variety of results for our communities.

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Each year we produce an annual report to measure our progress against key outcomes.

Yearly independent surveys measure how satisfied you are with our services.

Adopted in 2019, the Age-Friendly Policy guides our planning to take into account Tasman’s ageing population and to consider the needs of the growing number of older residents.

The safety of Tasman residents’ drinking water is of paramount importance and are protected under a set of guiding principles adopted by the Council.

The Future Development Strategy shows where growth is to be located, and in what form, and what infrastructure will be needed to support that growth.

A range of policies which cover how Council operates.

Growth covers housing, population and business growth - this section has policies and reports on housing and development capacity.

We produce reports on indicators of housing and business demand and supply as well as larger assessments of regional capacity.

Policies to deal with rates, housing and development, as well as growth across the district.

This Strategy provides direction in managing the increasing numbers of visitors seeking free or low-cost camping opportunities within the Tasman District.

Before each election a report is produced. The 2019 report is available now.