Annual Plan 2020/2021

With ongoing impacts and a high level of uncertainty for individuals, families and businesses, we will need to continue to pull together.

As there were few changes from the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 we did not consult on the Annual Plan this time.

Annual Plan adopted 25 June

Annual Plan 2020/2021 (pdf, 15 MB)

In April 2020, Council decided on a zero percent increase in rates revenue to lessen the burden to the community following the response to COVID-19. This does not translate to no rates increase for all ratepayers. The actual increase for each ratepayer will vary based on mix of services they receive that are funded through targeted rates. 

Those residents who will see a rates increase are largely on Council’s rural water schemes, (i.e. the Eighty Eight Valley, Redwood and Dovedale schemes) or on the Motueka water supply. In Motueka the fixed water charge has increased. This will be offset to a degree, depending on how much water a ratepayer uses, by the reduced volumetric water rates.

Key changes to the capital work programme from the LTP 2018 - 2028 include an increase in the Port Tarakohe upgrade, transportation, water supply projects, Council Office Building improvements, and a decrease in wastewater projects. See the report to Council for more detail.

Report starts on Page 9 (pdf, 6.2 MB)

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