Tasman District Council will be chlorinating the Richmond and Riwaka/Kaiteriteri water supplies as a preventative measure in light of the potential health threat from COVID-19.

Both Richmond and Riwaka/Kaiteriteri supplies have had incidents of contamination in recent years. Contamination is still considered a risk because of the difficulty in securing the reservoirs, which are the highest risk entry point for contamination.  

Richmond Councillor Dana Wensley says, “Introducing chlorination ensures the best possible quality drinking water. It’s a precautionary approach but if we were to experience any contamination issues leading to a water-borne illness outbreak coinciding with COVID-19, there’s potential for significant harm to our community, especially those most vulnerable such as older residents or those with existing health issues, and for health services to be overwhelmed.

“Chlorinating the water is a simple step we can take to eliminate one element of risk to the health of our community at this uncertain time.”

The summer chlorination programme in place in Riwaka/Kaiteriteri, which was due to finish at the end of March will now continue for the foreseeable future.

Most people will not notice the presence of chlorine in the water supply, however some people can be very sensitive to it.

Some easy ways to reduce the effects of chlorine include:

  • Chilling the water before drinking it or leaving the water in a jug at room temperature for a while first.
  • A water jug with a carbon filter in will also take away most of the chlorine. You can get these in kitchen stores.

See more information about why we chlorinate water supplies here.