Water restrictions from Wednesday 20 March 2019

Urban communities and rural extensions

Stage 1: Richmond, Hope, Brightwater, Wakefield, Mapua, Ruby Bay

  • Sprinkler ban
  • Handheld watering on alternate days permitted (odd house numbers may water on odd calendar days; even house numbers may water on even calendar days)

Rural communities

Water permit holders

  • Cease take (water for essential human needs and stock health only): Remains in place for Dovedale.
  • Stage 1 (20% cut): Upper Catchment, Reservoir, Waimea West, Delta, Upper Confined Aquifer and Golden Hills zones move back to Stage 1 from Stage 2 restrictions. Moutere Western Groundwater and Moutere Eastern Groundwater zones remain at Stage 1.
  • Some Golden Bay consent holders face restrictions as outlined in their consent conditions

Rural supply schemes (Dovedale, Eighty-Eight Valley, Redwood Valley)

  • Dovedale: Water for essential human needs and animal welfare only.
  • Redwood and Eighty-Eight Valley: Sprinkler ban. Handheld hosing on alternate days permitted.

Rural support and advice

The Ministry for Primary Industries and Rural Support Trust are working together to provide support for farmers, growers and others in the rural community affected by fire and drought.

Visit www.mpi.govt.nz for more information(external link) .

Anyone needing additional water should contact a tanker company to arrange a water delivery. It is possible to source water from areas where restrictions are not currently in effect. You will need to contact a tanker company to arrange this. These sites are already very busy.

Water sharing arrangements

Previously approved informal well-sharing arrangements are no longer permitted from Monday 18 March. Those pre-existing well-sharing arrangements covered by consent are still operative. 

Drought information

Advice on dealing with drought conditions from the Ministry for Primary Industries(external link)