Water restrictions are to take effect for the first time this season in Tasman from Monday 27 January.

The Tasman Dry Weather Taskforce met on Tuesday night after consistently hot and windy weather. With no real rain forecast for at least the next 10 days, the Taskforce agreed to move to Stage One restrictions for the majority of areas on the Waimea Plains from Monday 27 January.

 “We are confident that the triggers for restrictions in the Wairoa River at the gorge will be reached in the coming days.  This year, following the decision to construct the Waimea Community Dam there are two triggers. For affiliated permit holders the trigger is 2500l/s and for unaffiliated permit holders the trigger is 2750l/s,” said Taskforce Convenor Dennis Bush-King.

The Stage One restrictions, meaning a cut in use by 20 percent of consented water take levels, applies in the Upper Catchment, Reservoir, Waimea West, Delta, Golden Hills, and the Upper Confined Aquifer zones on the Waimea Plains.

The Stage One restrictions will also be in place for the Motupiko zone.

Users in the Lower Confined Aquifer and Hope Gravel zones will have another week before rationing is likely to come in.

Under the new Water Supply Bylaw, as of Monday 27 January Phase A water restrictions are in place for Richmond, Hope, Māpua, Ruby Bay, Brightwater, Wakefield and Redwood Valley.

You are not permitted to fill swimming pools, but they can be topped up. Watering grass and lawns is not allowed but as long as you use a hand-held hose you can still water your plants and veggie gardens wash buildings and cars.

These restrictions apply to homes, businesses and public organizations in the affected areas.

 We ask everyone else to conserve water wherever possible.

 “The next round of restrictions, if necessary, will likely see different levels occurring between affiliated and unaffiliated permits, which will look confusing.  We can only apologise in advance but will try and make a complicated system as easy to understand as we can.”


Dennis said, “Looking at conditions in Golden Bay and Riwaka, we think restrictions may need to be considered at the next meeting of the Dry Weather Taskforce.

“With the impact of last year’s condition still very fresh in our minds the Taskforce thought it prudent to take a precautionary approach.  If restrictions are not put in place at this time it would be another 14 days at least before they could be imposed, which could see more drastic cuts imposed.

“With the philosophy of managing the resource early to minimise impact of restrictions where possible later, the Taskforce will be meeting each week on Tuesday night to assess conditions. I urge irrigators to ensure that their water meter returns are in early so we don’t have to chase missing readings.”

For further information on the restrictions and what they mean for households go to www.tasman.govt.nz/link/water-restrictions(external link)