Toxic algae coverage in several rivers has now approached high enough levels to be a serious risk to dogs and any persons consuming slime and sludgy algae in rivers.

The toxic algae is now a problem in the lower Wai-iti and Waimea rivers. This toxic algae is natural and occurs during extended periods of low flow in rivers. The popular swimming sites on the Lee River and Roding River are not currently affected.

The warning will be in place until the next rainfall event that will cause enough flooding to wash the toxic algae off.

Parts of some other rivers such as the Motueka, Lower Motupiko, Sherry, Moutere and Takaka may also be affected. Please let us know if you see any toxic algae.  

All dog owners and parents with toddlers should become familiar with what the toxic algae looks and feels like. It is usually only toxic if consumed by mouth.

If you do see any of this toxic algae, it would be wise to put your dog on a lead and prevent your dog from consuming algae or water from the river.

We strongly advise preventing your dog from scavenging, or playing in or near the water. If you, your dog or other animals are sick after being in or near an affected river, consult your vet and the Council immediately.