A big thank you to all Tasman residents for your ongoing patience and support during this emergency event.


It’s amazing to see how our community bands together in times of hardship and to see so many of you lend a helping hand to strangers, neighbours and whanau.


We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding that having your requests sorted out with our customer service staff at this stage might take a bit longer, as they’re assisting with fire and normal Council enquiries.


Tasman District Council customer services manager Suzanne Westley says she’s had “really positive feedback from all around on the work we have been doing.”


The team had taken 3538 calls between 6 February and 11 February, averaging 589 calls a day. An average day without emergencies sees the team taking about 320-350 calls in a day.


The highest call day was 8 February, on which the team took 1186 calls.