The Richmond water supply will be chlorinated from 18 to 26 June and again from 15 to 18 July. 

This is because a new water main has recently been installed along Headingly Lane, and major works are now required to connect this main into the live Richmond Water Supply, and to remove unused connections. This work is expected to take about a month.

Some of these connections involve cutting into the trunk main and so chlorination will be turned on at the plant during this time to ensure the water always remains safe to drink. Customers who will be affected by outages have already been notified.

Information for fish owners

The chlorine level during this time will be quite low- about 0.3 mg/l leaving the plant (normal dose is 1mg/l). If you have fish in tanks, you should de-chlorinate the water before topping up tanks. 

Also, please note that on 9 July, due to a trunk main shut down, water will supplied solely from our Richmond source during the day. This source has a higher nitrate level (about 50mg/l). We recommend that you do not change the water in your fish tank during this period as a sudden change in nitrate level can be a shock to fish (the normal level is about 24mg/l).

These dates may be subject to change, as the work is weather dependant. Please check the website and social media for updates.


  • If you have fish - don’t forget to use a neutralising agent, if you change any water in the tank (this is available from pet stores).
  • Using a carbon filter can remove the chlorine taste
  • Chilling the water in the fridge first and drinking it cold will also make it taste nicer