Water restrictions have been removed for Tasman District Council with immediate effect except for Dovedale which remains on a cease take. 

Dry Weather Taskforce convenor Dennis Bush-King said the recent rain has helped to boost river flow and groundwater levels. 

“The Dovedale area only got 10mm of rain so it has been decided to keep restrictions in place for at least another week however, other parts of the district got a reasonable amount of rain which will last for a few weeks depending on demand”.

Dennis again thanked water users for their voluntary water saving efforts which avoided more drastic cuts but he noted that the dry conditions will have an enduring economic and social effect on the community.

Full list of water restrictions from Thursday 28 March 2019

Urban communities and rural extensions

No restrictions although people are still encouraged to use water wisely.

Rural communities
Water permit holders
  • Cease take (water for essential human needs and stock health only): Remains in place for Dovedale water management zone
  • All other water management zones:  No restrictions, but efficient use of water expected.
Rural supply schemes (Dovedale, Eighty-Eight Valley, Redwood Valley)
  • Dovedale: Water for essential human needs and animal welfare only.
  • All other rural supply schemes: No restrictions, although people are still encouraged to use water wisely.