Decisions on amendments

Council has made decisions on Change 69 to the Tasman Resource Management Plan (the Plan) and matters raised in submissions.  It has also approved the withdrawal of Change 4 (previously Variation 44) on 28 November 2019. All proposed amendments to the Plan take legal effect from this date.

The transportation matters covered by Plan Change 4 have been updated via the Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual (NTLDM) and given effect to by Plan Change 69. Other matters relating to parking that were originally contained in Plan Change 4 and not included in the NTLDM were re-notified in Plan Change 69. No submissions were received on the re-notified provisions.  The withdrawal of Plan Change 4 reduces duplication of provisions between the Tasman Resource Management Plan and the NTLDM.


Operative Plan Changes

Proposed Private Plan Change Request 61 (Wainui Bay Spat Catching) was approved by the Minister of Conservation on 20 May 2019 (due to the Plan Change occurring in the coastal marine area) to commence as an Operative Change to the Tasman Resource Management Plan from 14 December 2019.