The Tasman District Council has received $168,080 through the Government’s Responsible Camping Fund grants for the 2019-2020 summer.

Announced on Saturday, the funding will enable the addition of temporary toilets, more waste bins, greater signage and more monitoring and enforcement over the upcoming summer period.

We are perennially one of the nation’s favoured spots for ‘freedom camping’ holidaymakers said Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne.

“With the numbers increasing every year the infrastructure within our popular destinations such as Golden Bay and Motueka comes under severe pressure. The funding recognises the financial pressure councils and their ratepayers come under as a result of this growing form of tourism.

“This year we will be trialing Freedom Camping Ambassadors supporting the increased monitoring and enforcement throughout the holiday period. Ambassadors will be travelling throughout Motueka, Golden Bay and Richmond talking to campers about their responsibilities and the amenities provided for them.

 “Our experience has shown that the majority of campers wish to respect the places they visit and by providing a friendly reminder and means of facilitating this through an ambassador service everyone benefits.”

The toilets identified in the funding bid will be in addition to those commissioned last year with the extra waste bins being placed in key areas throughout the District. 

“This grant will also help us deal with the seasonal influx, protect the environment and minimise the costs that will fall to ratepayers. We know we live in one of the summer hotspots for international and Kiwi travelers and this support will go some way to ensure all that makes Tasman popular is maintained for those who visit and live here.”