Tasman District Mayor Tim King says “As we head into this unprecedented lockdown period tonight I am asking all our residents to take it seriously.

“As the Prime Minister has reiterated many times, the length and consequences of the lockdown will be determined by how well we all stick to the restrictions placed on us.

“Part of ensuring this lockdown will achieve its aim of reducing the rate of infection is that essential services are maintained so we all have access to the things we need to stay safe and well at home. However, let’s remember that none of these services manage themselves. Every time you turn on the tap for clean water, flush the toilet or put your rubbish out for collection, there are people making sure that happens.

“As well as the Council services, those in supermarkets, service stations, hospitals, pharmacies and other essential operations are also crucial to keeping the community running. They deserve our recognition for the excellent work they are doing while still having to manage their own family life under lockdown conditions and restrictions.

“Our farmers, food producers and related services are providing the most fundamental service of all – all of these people deserve our gratitude and respect. 

“We show our respect for all these people when we respect the rules. Please, let’s all take the situation seriously and follow the instructions. Together, all our efforts will help to achieve a successful lockdown outcome.”