In the absence of any significant rainfall and with none in the extended forecast, the Dry Weather Task Force has moved to Stage Three restrictions for water permit holders, not affiliated to the Waimea Community Dam, in Delta, Reservoir, Upper Catchments, Waimea West, Upper Confined and Golden Hills. This means a 50% cut in their bona fide water take. The Lower Confined Aquifer and Hope Eastern Hills zones remain at Stage One, a 20% cut in their water take.

Those water permit holders affiliated to the Waimea Community Dam, in the Delta, Reservoir, Upper Catchments, Waimea West, Upper Confined and Golden Hills move to Stage Two, which has been set by the Task Force as a cut of 35% in their water take. The Lower Confined Aquifer and Hope and Eastern Hills zones move to Stage One, a 20% cut in their water take.

There is a cease take for the Moutere Surface Zone.

The Moutere Eastern Groundwater and Motupiko zones remain at Stage One.

There are no restrictions in the Golden Bay catchments as yet.

All changes to restrictions are affective as of Monday 10 February 2020.

You can read more information on these restrictions and see the current dry weather report here, under Section 329 Notices.

Public Reticulated supply restrictions

Two new areas will be under Phase A restrictions, Eighty-Eight Valley and Dovedale, effective from Monday 10 February. 

That means Phase A restrictions for Richmond, Hope, Brightwater, Wakefield, Redwood Valley, Eighty-Eight Valley and Dovedale.

Under these restrictions you are not permitted to fill swimming pools, but they can be topped up. Watering grass and lawns is not allowed but as long as you use a hand-held hose you can still water your plants and veggie gardens and wash buildings and cars if necessary.

Phase B restrictions remain in place for the Māpua/Ruby Bay supply.

Under these restrictions you can’t water the lawns, fill or top up your pool or use water for play activities. You can still water veggie gardens and fruit trees with a handheld hose, timer system or bucket. Watering your amenity gardens and trees is only permitted every second day, again using a handheld hose or timer system (if your street address is an even number, water on even numbered days and likewise for odd numbers).

These restrictions apply to homes, businesses and public organisations in the affected areas.

The Dry Weather Taskforce expects to meet again next week (Tuesday 11 Feb) to assess the developing situation and make decisions on any changes to the current restrictions or to bring in restrictions for other zones.

Dennis Bush-King, Task Force Convenor advised stock owners that with continuing hot dry conditions forecasted for at least the next month, if they haven’t already, to think seriously about their options.

“The current conditions are seeing a similar track down in our resources, albeit two to three weeks behind where we were at this time last year. Conserving water now and making arrangements for a possible repeat of last summer is advised.”

In the meantime, we ask people to take note of and observe any restrictions that apply to them and for everyone else to conserve water as much as they can.

All water users are reminded to keep up with submitting water meter returns to ensure the system is running fairly and to avoid additional monitoring charges if the Council has to organise to read the meters.