The Dry Weather Task Force met as usual last night and with little rain having fallen in most areas of the district, most restrictions stay in place and some have been re-introduced.

Consent holders in the following Water Management Zones will either remain in or move to the following rationing steps below (excluding any individual consent specific cuts) with effect from Monday 2 March 2020.

Step 1 - 20% cut

Moutere Eastern Groundwater, Moutere Western Groundwater, Lower Confined Aquifer (Affiliated), Hope and Eastern (Affiliated), Tapawera, Tadmor, Glen Rae, Baton, Stanley Brook, Wangapeka, Takaka Surface, Takaka Aquifer, and Takaka Marble Aquifer.

Step2 - 35% cut

Delta (Affiliated), Golden Hills (Affiliated), Reservoir (Affiliated), Upper Catchments (Affiliated), Upper Confined (Affiliated), Waimea West (Affiliated), Redwood.

Step 3 - 50% cut

Delta (Unaffiliated), Golden Hills (Unaffiliated), Reservoir (Unaffiliated), Upper Catchments (Unaffiliated), Upper Confined (Unaffiliated), Waimea West (Unaffiliated), Lower Confined Aquifer (Unaffiliated), Hope and Eastern Hills (Unaffiliated), Motupiko.

Cease take – 100% cut

Dovedale Surface Water, Moutere Surface Water, Rainy.

Rob Smith, Acting Convenor of the Dry Weather Taskforce says, “The different rules regarding water restrictions that apply during this interim period while the Waimea Community Dam is being built have given us more flexibility around managing demand.

“We want to remind people in areas where restrictions are in place, even if they have a private well or bore, to please limit their water use as much as possible as this does affect the overall situation.

“Everyone should be aware that if we don’t get some good rain soon, these restrictions may have to increase significantly. In meantime, we ask everyone to do their bit and conserve water wherever they can.”  

Public Reticulated supply restrictions

Richard Kirby, Engineering Services Manager says “We’re making no changes to the restrictions in place on the public supply at this time. We want to remind everyone to take heed of their obligations though. By doing your part now, you can help to avoid or delay the need for harsher restrictions to be imposed.”

Phase B restrictions are in place for Richmond, Hope, Brightwater, Redwood Valley, Eighty-Eight Valley, Dovedale and Māpua/Ruby Bay.

Under Phase B restrictions you can’t water the lawns, fill or top up your pool or use water for play activities. You can still water veggie gardens and fruit trees with a handheld hose, timer system or bucket. Watering your amenity gardens and trees is only permitted every second day, again using a handheld hose or timer system.  If your street address is an even number, water on even numbered days and likewise for odd numbers.

Phase A restrictions are in place for Wakefield and Tapawera. Residents are not permitted to fill swimming pools, but they can be topped up. Watering grass and lawns is not allowed but as long as you use a hand-held hose you can still water your plants and veggie gardens, wash buildings and cars.

These restrictions apply to homes, businesses and public organisations in the affected areas.