The combination of modest rain across the district of between 6-11 mm last weekend, cooling temperatures, reduced demand, and aquifer recharge will see water restrictions in the Moutere Eastern Groundwater zone shift back to Stage 1 (a 20% cut in permitted take) effective from Monday 27 April. Restrictions remain at Stage 1 in the Moutere Western zone.

For irrigators in the Dove, a cease take remains in place.

The Dovedale Rural Water Supply remains at Phase B* restrictions.

There are no restrictions in place across the balance of Tasman District.

Dennis Bush-King, Convenor of Tasman’s Dry Weather Task Force says, “Hopefully the remaining restrictions will not affect too many people, even the Dovedale supply is 34% under its maximum allowable take. 

“Despite the Covid-19 lockdown water use has been well managed but it is still dryer than normal going into winter this year and this may have implications for winter feed availability.”

* Under Phase B restrictions you can’t water the lawns, fill or top up your pool or use water for play activities. You can still water veggie gardens and fruit trees with a handheld hose, timer system or bucket. Watering your amenity gardens and trees is only permitted every second day, again using a handheld hose or timer system.  If your street address is an even number, water on even numbered days and likewise for odd numbers.