The rain over Easter weekend has been enough to lift all water restrictions, apart from the Moutere Eastern and Western Groundwater zones, which remain at Stage 2 and 1 respectively.  An inspection of the Dove River this morning shows it is still dry at Thorpe so the current cease take restriction remains in effect.

Dennis Bush-King, Convenor of Tasman’s Dry Weather Task Force says “The rain was welcome even though it is late in the season, but it has not changed soil moisture much. We still need more rain for the water to permeate the soil profile and make up the soil moisture shortfall.”

The Waimea River at Appleby peaked at 110 cumecs and has fallen to 15 cumecs even though rainfall on the Plains was around 20mm.  Golden Bay saw over 100mm behind Anatoki/Waingaro and Upper Takaka, with about 40mm at Takaka.  The Takaka River peaked at 95 cumecs at Kotinga.

“There might be some permit holders who will be under restrictions depending on their permit conditions but hopefully the rain will now see us through to end of the season and rivers and aquifers across the district can get replenished and recharged as we move into winter.”

Council staff will continue to monitor the river flows and aquifers levels across the district. The restriction levels for the Deep Moutere Aquifers will be considered on the basis of ongoing water level rise and rainfall over the next few weeks. These aquifers typically get slow rainfall recharge over the autumn and winter/spring periods.

Restrictions on Council’s reticulated residential water supplies, with the exception of Dovedale, are also lifted with immediate effect.

Phase B restrictions remain in place for the Dovedale public water supply.

Under Phase B restrictions you can’t water the lawns, fill or top up your pool or use water for play activities. You can still water veggie gardens and fruit trees with a handheld hose, timer system or bucket. Watering your amenity gardens and trees is only permitted every second day, again using a handheld hose or timer system.  If your street address is an even number, water on even numbered days and likewise for odd numbers.