Tasman District Council will appoint a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead the development of online services and smart technology.

As a second tier manager reporting to the CEO, the CIO will be charged with leading the Council’s digital transformation.

As one of the fastest growing regions in the country the Council is under increasing pressure to enable and provide for that growth, said Tasman CEO Janine Dowding. “One of the ways we can respond to those challenges is through the smart use of technology.

“We don’t have the capability within our current technology to make that leap and the longer we delay, the further we fall behind. There is no doubt that this would require a significant investment.

“Once appointed the CIO will need to build a compelling case for that investment, one which would include the savings that will be achieved over time. I am certain that if we do nothing then there will be a greater cost.

“As a Council we hold a lot of information and data on behalf our communities. How we use, share and distribute this material to the benefit of our people is a key motivation in our digital transformation. Information is a valued public asset that should be accessible when people want it and in a form they can use.

“Our new CIO will be charged with developing a business case for consideration in the next long term plan (2021-31). We will be looking for a strong leader to drive a culture and environment that enables our residents and stakeholders access to the services they need, when and where they want them.