Good quality information is crucial to the community’s ability to judge the likely benefits and disadvantages of the proposal for a Local Board in Golden Bay, Tasman Mayor Tim King says. 

The Tasman District Council has today released its submission on the proposal for Tasman residents to view. It's available to read here.  (pdf, 762 KB)

Tim says the Council’s submission outlines some concerns with the information and analysis the Local Government Commission has provided to the community about the Local Board option. 

“The Council is not taking a position but believes it is important that as much information as possible is made available, including advantages, disadvantages and costs, which should be considered carefully by those making a submission. 

“We’ve released our submission publicly to the community now to add to the information that has been provided already. We believe Tasman residents need the opportunity to consider some of the topics we have raised as they are making their own judgments about the proposal.” 

In preparing its submission, Tasman District Council looked to the experience of Auckland, which is currently the only place in the country to have local boards. In doing so, the Council identified potential costs, processes and decision-making capabilities that should be taken into account in the proposal for Golden Bay. 

Tim said because this was the first proposal to implement local boards outside of Auckland, there was an element of experimentation by the Local Government Commission.  

“We acknowledge the difficulties this can pose to the process, but the implications of the decision on this proposal will be felt for a long time. It is important to identify all the issues when people are considering their submission to the Local Government Commission .” 

He said the Council hoped its submission was seen to contribute to a fuller discussion and help enable a robust debate in the benefits and appropriate cost of a Local Board for Golden Bay.