Heating and insulation can make a massive difference to your health, as well as the warmth of your home. Having adequate home insulation can also mean that you use less wood in your wood burner, which in turn helps reduce air pollution in winter. 

We have given funding to the Warmer Healthier Homes Te Tau Ihu Charitable Trust, which provides grants to retrofit insulation into qualifying owner-occupied homes across Te Tauihu (top of the South). The trust works alongside the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority’s Warmer Kiwi Homes grant scheme. 

To be eligible for a grant, you will need to: 

Be the homeowner (owner-occupier) of a home built before 2008, AND Have a Community Services Card or SuperGold combo card (with CSC endorsement); OR 

Own and be living in a home identified as being in an eligible area. 

Homeowners can find out if they qualify for a grant (90 – 100% subsidy) by contacting the project contractor, Absolute Energy.