We propose to reduce speed limits on 67 roads across the District to reduce road deaths and serious injuries, and ensure consistency across the roading network.

Public consultation is open from 20 September to 1 November.

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About the changes

Lower speed limits are suggested on roads that have been identified as providing the greatest opportunity to reduce deaths and serious injuries. In addition, lower limits are suggested on other roads to:

  • address inconsistencies in the current speed limits;
  • reduce the severity of crashes on some roads which have a poor safety record and where the current speed limit is not safe or appropriate;
  • respond to growth and development in some areas which is changing the nature and use of some roads;
  • and recognise wider community support for changes on some roads.

Research shows an undeniable relationship between speed and road safety – there is no other risk factor that has a more powerful impact on accidents or injuries than speed.

Road safety has deteriorated both nationally and in Tasman over the past three years. We want to reverse that trend and make sure our residents and visitors return home to their loved ones once they have finished their journeys.

The proposed roads were selected following a review that included looking at roads requested by the community, and an assessment of the highest-risk roads.

A joint Nelson Tasman speed survey earlier this year, completed by about 2000 people, found that:

  • 76% of Tasman respondents think speed limits should be safe and appropriate for the road type, rather than the historic blanket 100kmh rural and 50kmh urban speed limits
  • 81% of Tasman respondents think speed limits should be less than 50kmh on busy residential/school roads
  • 81% of Tasman respondents think speed limits should be less than 100kmh on narrow sealed rural roads