We are taking submissions on a lease for Wanderers Gymnasium Brightwater Recreation Reserve.

Submissions close on 18 June 2019. 

We intend to grant a new five-year lease to the Wanderers Sport Club for their Wanderers Gymnasium, located in the former Bowling Club building on Brightwater Recreation Reserve – 10 Charlotte Lane, Brightwater. 

While this is not a new occupation or activity, the Wanderers Gymnasium group plan to start using the entire building during this new lease. This would expand the work-out space and activities available within the building. They may also create a multi-use outdoor sports court within the new five-year lease period.

You’re invited to make a submission on the lease and the potential expanded use of this Council building and public land. We are obliged to publish a public notice for leases that are not covered by an existing reserve management plan.

Have your say: if you would like to send feedback regarding this proposed offer of lease, please email info@tasman.govt.nz with the subject line: Wanderers Gymnasium Brightwater Recreation Reserve. You may post hard-copy submissions to Margot Wilson, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050.

If any objections are received, we will hold a formal hearing. Please advise whether you would like to appear if there is a hearing. All feedback becomes public information.

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Contact Margot Wilson on 03 543 8400.