The speed limit will be reduced on several local Tasman roads when a new speed limit comes into force on State Highway 60 (SH60) between McShane Road and Maisey Road.

The Tasman District Council has approved reduced speed limits for nine Tasman roads that intersect with the crash-prone section of SH60.

The new limits will come into effect once the New Zealand Transport Agency formalises a reduced 80kmh limit for SH60 between McShane and Maisey roads. This is expected to take place in December 2018.

The local roads and their new speed limits are:

  • Lower Queen Street from the end of the existing 80kmh zone to the end of the road - 80kmh (down from 100kmh)
  • Lansdowne Road – 80kmh (from 100kmh)
  • Best Island Road – 80kmh (from 100kmh)
  • Barnett Avenue – 60kmh (from 100kmh)
  • Blackbyre Road – 80kmh (from 100kmh)
  • River Road, Appleby – 60kmh (from 100kmh)
  • Redwood Road – 80kmh (from 100kmh)
  • Research Orchard Road – 80kmh (from 100kmh)
  • Pukeko Lane – 80kmh (from 100kmh)

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said lower speeds were known to reduce the harm caused by crashes.

“This will make our roads safer. There was high support for reducing speeds on SH60 and connecting roads from those who took part in the public consultation earlier this year.”

Richard said many submitters also supported improvements to road layout along the route.

“I agree that further changes should be made to some intersections on SH60 to improve safety on the state highway. This has not been a high enough priority for NZTA following changes in government policy and the Council will be advocating for a greater focus on safety improvements for our District’s highways.”