What’s black and white and red all over? A sunburnt zebra.

Jokes aside, the zebra crossings in Richmond’s Queen Street are getting a new coat of red to make them more visible to approaching motorists.

The crossings will work in exactly the same way they do now, with vehicles required to stop for pedestrians to cross.

The addition of colour to the crossings was recommended in a post-construction safety audit of Queen Street, which found some drivers were not stopping for pedestrians. The red markings will be more visible to motorists and improve safety for pedestrians.

Similar red crossings have been used in Rotorua and Lower Hutt.

Tasman District Council Transportation Manager Jamie McPherson said the work would be carried out in late October. It will be done outside of busy times, to create as little disruption for the public and businesses as possible.

Jamie said the safety audit had recommended several minor improvements to the street, which the Council would implement over the next few months.

“We’ll be looking at some changes to line markings at vehicle entry points onto Queen Street to narrow the area that cars cross over the footpath to access carparks. We’re also considering the placement of extra street furniture or planters to discourage vehicles from using the footpath to perform U-turns, which is obviously not a safe or sensible thing to do.

“Most people are using common sense and have adapted well to the new street environment, which is designed for greater pedestrian accessibility and enjoyment. There are a small number of drivers who are putting other people’s safety at risk and we would ask that anyone who sees an example of dangerous driving on Queen Street take down the registration number and report it to the police.”