At an extraordinary meeting today, Tasman District Council decided to progress towards repairing the Golden Bay Grandstand in Takaka so it will available for public use once again.

The Council received a report which included a rough cost estimate of $930,000 for getting the grandstand up to the minimum required standard for public use.

Mayor Tim King says, “While there are still things to be confirmed, it’s good to feel we’re starting to make tangible progress on this issue.  Especially as we know that further delays will only see costs for reinstatement continue to climb.

“The Council is taking a big step to bring an end to this long-standing dispute and move forward with the community. That aim will not be achieved if the litigation remains in place.

“We understand there will be a range of views within the community about this decision but hopefully we can work constructively to get a pragmatic solution that’s affordable and beneficial for both the Golden Bay and wider Tasman community.”

Some of the key recommendations adopted include:

  • Accepting that the $930,000 estimated in the Engineers report is only to bring the building up to the minimum required standard for public use (with no extra improvements factored in) and that it may still change depending on the development of more detailed plans and consent costs.

  • The mechanism of funding for the Grandstand reinstatement to public use is still to be decided and then consulted on with the community as part of the Long Term Plan 2021-2031 process.

  • The decision to fund the Grandstand reinstatement is conditional on the Grand Stand Community Trust and A&P Association withdrawing the litigation currently before the High Court by 30 May 2020.

  • Council officers have been instructed to withdraw from the settlement discussions with the Golden Bay Grand Stand Trust and the A&P Association which have so far been unsuccessful.

  • Council will work constructively with the community to raise funds and otherwise contribute to the reinstatement of the Grandstand.

  • Council retains ownership of the Grandstand and manages any reinstatement work to ensure it’s carried out to the appropriate standard.

  • Setting up a Golden Bay Recreation Park Management Committee for the future management of the grounds.

  • Appropriate use and access for the A & P Association Annual Show in the future.

“We look forward to making progress on the project,” says Mayor Tim King.