Overnight the fire that started yesterday afternoon in Pigeon had spread to cover 1870 hectares within a perimeter of 20km as at 03.00 – we will not be able to confirm further growth or otherwise until daylight.

Approximate perimeter of fire at 6am rmedia elease [JPG, 476 KB]

Approximate perimeter of fire at 6am 6 February

Fanned by southerly winds over most of the night it has caused material damage from Pigeon Valley north to the Inland Moutere Highway and Waimea West Road.

Over 100 homes have been evacuated or self-evacuated with people registering with the Civil Defence Centre in Wakefield.

Evacuations have occurred in Eves Valley, Golden Hills Road, Redwood Valley Road, Mallings Road and Greenacres Road.

Notice of potential evacuation are in place for top end of Sunrise Valley and Deep Dale Road in Upper Moutere and Pigeon Valley.

At this stage there have been no reports of injury or worse.

12 crews fought the blaze overnight on an increasing front protecting as many structures as possible and minimizing the burn on  grasslands.

Current reports have property losses in Eve and Redwood Valleys area overnight. The number and location will be confirmed once the conditions allow entry into the area.

The 12 new crews taking over will be supported in daylight by at least 10 helicopters and 2 fixed wing aircraft with heavy machinery on the ground.

Current weather forecast sees light winds coming from the north at dawn, a change from the southerly conditions until now. While the temperatures will be lower than recently experienced the wind is expected to build from the north as the day progresses. The weather conditions will be built into the plan for the day.

If people evacuate and leave their homes it is asked they register with the Civil Defence Centre at St Johns Church, Edwards St in Wakefield  or ring Civil Defence  03 5437290 to register they have moved and are safe. This is important to ensure everyone is accounted for and safe.

If people feel unsafe or unsure in any way they are advised to self-evacuate to the Civil Defence Centre.

Civil Defence centre St John's Anglican Church Wakefield

A Civil Defence centre has been opened in Wakefield for evacuees from the Pigeon Valley fire at St John's Anglican church, Edwards Street, Wakefield.

It is asked that people who have been evacuated, or self-evacuate, register at the centre to ensure their whereabouts is known regardless if they choose to stay there or not.

If you need to evacuate your home

  • Pack only the essentials.
  • Gather up your pets if safe to do so.
  • Gather important documents.
  • Take water.
  • Warm/change of clothing.

Emergency services staff will visit you if you need to evacuate. You can self evacuate and register at the welfare centre at St John's Anglican Church, Edwards Street, Wakefield.

Road closures

Access will only be allowed for emergency vehicles. 

  • Eves Valley Road now closed from Waimea West Road
  • Pigeon Valley Road from the South Branch turnoff is closed
  • Dovedale Road closed from Brandy Creek.
  • Golden Hills Road closed
  • Redwood Valley Road closed