Important: remaining residents in the Pigeon Valley need to evacuate now. Due to the risk evacuated with wind change and the need to focus resources in other areas. This is a precautionary measure. Please take water, food, medicines, pets and valuables. Please register at the Evacuation Centre at Wakefield, St John Church or ring 03 543 8400. 

  • Schools closed in Wakefield as a precaution
  • Residents in Wakefield area ‘on notice’ for evacuation
  • Minimal change to the approximate fire area overnight, it covers 2000 ha, with an approximately 23 km perimeter.
  • Revised number of evacuated properties, now 180 affecting approximately 398 residents
  • One dwelling confirmed as lost at this time

Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Controller Dennis Bush-King says "We made the most of the favourable conditions yesterday to contain the spread of the fire and build fire breaks. However with a change in weather conditions predicted this afternoon residents in Wakefield have been given notice of potential evacuation. Our priority remains protecting people, their property and critical infrastructure”.


Temporary residents’ access has been granted for a two-hour period to residents along Golden Hills Rd, to go back to their properties. They have the opportunity to collect essential belongings and to ensure their domestic animals are looked after and to check on stock.

Firefighters worked hard overnight to tackle the fire, which had intensified over the course of the day yesterday.

Crews on the ground were actively fighting the fire last night and its progression has slowed this morning.

“The fire was pretty active overnight, particularly in areas in the southeast and northwest, and it’s now covering about 2000 hectares,” says Incident Controller, John Sutton.

“We expect today to be similar to yesterday and it is likely that the fire will continue to burn over the weekend.”

We will continue to monitor the weather and assess the situation.