Kingsland Forest, Moturoa/Rabbit Island, Rough Island and Tunnicliff Forest are closed. These closures affect the forestry plantations in the reserves only at this stage. Access to the beach, picnic areas and equestrian park at Moturoa Rabbit Island and Rough Island remain open for now.

Tasman’s Great Taste Trail coastal access route at Moturoa Rabbit Island remains open, providing access to and from Mapua.

Tasman great taste trail through lower edge of Tunicliffe forest and up to spooners tunnel is currently open but expected to close next week.

Aniseed Valley Reserves are closed. This includes Busch Reserve, Twin Bridges and White Gate Reserve.

Lee Valley Reserves- Firestones Reserve and Meads Bridge Reserve are closed. The Doc Reserve will stay open for the weekend but is expected to close on Monday.

Faulkners Bush Scenic Reserve from the scout den to the lookout point is now closed.

The playground within Easby Park remains open for now, but Dellside and upper Easby Park are closed.