The rain that fell on Tasman and Nelson overnight was only enough to give the ground a sizable soaking and provide some welcome relief to growers, but that was it.  Ranging between 20-30mm across the region, it was not the 80mm widely believed to be enough to break the current drought.

We saw a small rise in river flows but it is too early to measure the impact on groundwater resources and whether it is enough lessen any of the current water restrictions said Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne.

“With this in mind it is important that households and businesses continue to make the savings they have made already.”

Currently communities in Richmond, Hope, Brightwater, Wakefield, Mapua and Ruby Bay are subject to Stage 4 restrictions – an outdoor water use ban (with an exception for watering fruit/veges using a bucket on alternate nights) and 25% cut for businesses.

“Those communities are doing an outstanding job of reducing their water consumption, which is the best thing people at home can do to help protect our at-risk water supplies,” Richard said. “We’re extremely grateful for the sacrifices people are making, a lot of which are voluntary - such as having shorter showers, collecting grey water to reuse, and only doing full loads of washing or dishes.”

“That effort has contributed to the Council being able to keep restrictions for the Waimea area at their current level for another week, rather than escalating to harsher measures.

“It is hoped with the forecast rain over the weekend and the coming week we are going to be able to reduce restrictions next week. However, until we see the rain falling more consistently it is too early to say if and what they could be.”