A new, estimated $4.7 million modern library for Motueka will be built in Decks Reserve.

The Tasman District Council today chose the site for the library upgrade, preferring the Decks Reserve site over a redevelopment of the current library on its existing site.

Community Development Committee chairman and Motueka ward councillor Peter Canton said the existing site posed a range of challenges, including the need to relocate other organisations, and limited the design options.

“Decks Reserve was the best option even though it may mean we lose some of the green space in the reserve, depending on the location of the building. We’ve asked staff to limit that loss as much as possible and that will be an important consideration in the design process.”

An informal survey on the redevelopment options attracted 300 responses. Of those, 50% favoured the Decks Reserve site, 34% preferred an on-site redevelopment, 8% said either was fine, 4% said neither, and 3% did not know.

Peter said while library services were changing, people’s thirst for information and entertainment remained as strong as ever.

“Libraries are as important as they have ever been. The way people consume information has changed, and our libraries are evolving to accommodate. However, their core function remains the same – to provide a community hub for knowledge, information, literature, learning and entertainment.

 “The current library is too small for a community the size of Motueka’s, and as our population grows the demand for modern library services is just going to increase. I’m really excited to see this development happen.”

Construction of the new library is scheduled to begin in 2020.

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