A new fast-track process for awarding some construction contracts means we can start work on several projects sooner than planned, giving security of income to local contractors and job security for their workers.

The new process, developed in consultation with the Civil Contractors Federation, is being used to award contracts worth less than $2 million. The contracts are allocated fairly to local contractors that have the necessary capacity and skills, and who have a proven record on similar projects.

While this dispenses with the usual formal tendering processes, it still includes checks and balances to ensure good value for money for the Council and ratepayers.

Six projects, worth a total of about $8 million, will soon be awarded. This is in addition to six projects awarded in June, worth a total of $6 million.

Engineering Services Manager Richard Kirby says the work provides a significant income stream for the local construction sector, helping provide job security for their staff.

“The construction industry has an important role to play in stimulating the regional economy post Covid-19. In speeding up the procurement process, we are providing the sector with greater certainty and guaranteed cashflow over the next 12 months.

“We know the Council needs to play its part in supporting our economy and community through this difficult time. We’ll be delivering close to $30 million in co-funded economic stimulus projects over the coming years, supported by significant Government investment through Jobs4Nature and “shovel-ready” funding.

“Not all of these projects qualify for fast-tracked procurement because it’s appropriate that higher-valued contracts still go through a full formal tender process. But they will all contribute to our region’s recovery while bringing a whole host of benefits for our infrastructure, environment and community wellbeing.”