New double-width raised crossings on Salisbury and Champion roads are planned to provide safer and more convenient crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists on these busy streets.

Tasman District Council Operations Committee chair Cr Stuart Bryant says the new crossings will be a major improvement for pedestrians and cyclists.

“There are large numbers of schoolchildren, commuters and recreational walkers and cyclists needing to cross both Salisbury and Champion roads, and at peak times when traffic volumes are high it can be very difficult to find an opportunity to cross safely.

“The new crossings will give priority to cyclists and walkers and will be set back a safe distance from the roundabout. They are raised and will be accompanied by a narrowed kerb, which sends a strong visual and physical signal to drivers to slow down.”

The Council will also upgrade the roundabout at the same time to aid vehicle movements through the area. The work is scheduled to be carried out in late 2020 – early 2021.

The roundabout upgrade is needed because of residential growth in the Daelyn and Hill Street North area, and to allow a new supermarket development planned for the corner of Salisbury and Champion roads to proceed. The supermarket developer is contributing more than 40% of the cost of the roundabout upgrade.

“Modelling of likely vehicle movements shows us that the new crossings, in combination with double laning of the roundabout, won’t have a negative impact on vehicle flows. In fact, the modelling shows that once the intersection has been upgraded, the crossings are installed and the supermarket is operating, there will be fewer delays and more throughout.”