In late 2018 the ‘Working Group for a Golden Bay Local Board’ submitted an application to the Local Government Commission for the establishment of a local board in Golden Bay to replace the existing Golden Bay Community Board.

The Commission agreed to assess the application and in May it publicly notified the application and invited anyone who wished to submit an alternative proposal to do so.

It received five responses by the deadline of 10 June.

Because of the upcoming local government elections in October, the Commission doesn’t believe it would be appropriate to undertake consultation on a draft local government reorganisation proposal now.

However, the Commission believes the issue of the possible establishment of one or more local boards in Tasman District is likely to be debated during the election period.

To help inform this debate, the Commission has prepared a position paper. It provides information on the difference between local boards and community boards, the process the Commission will follow in relation to the Golden Bay local board application, the options that are available and considerations that need to be addressed.

In short, the Commission needs to assess whether one or more local boards in Tasman District would best promote good local government in the District.

The position paper also identifies the likely timeline for this decision.

Find more information, including the position paper, on the Local Government Commission's website(external link)