Yesterday's announcement of $1.6 M funding allocated across two environmental projects centred on the Waimea Inlet has been welcomed by Tasman District Council.

Mayor Tim King says “The Wamea Inlet is an internationally significant area. Lots of work has already been done to enhance and improve it. This funding recognises what’s been achieved so far and gives us the chance to carry that on and do even more in future.

“I’d like to highlight that we couldn’t have achieved what we have on both these projects without countless hours of support from dedicated community volunteers, landowners and other organisations. Without their efforts the already impressive strides to enhancement could not have been achieved.  

“We’re very pleased to get this financial boost so we can continue to work to together on these important projects.”

The two projects to receive funding are outlined below.

The Waimea Inlet Enhancement project has been allocated $500,000 to fund actions included in the existing action plan that weren’t already budgeted for. This includes:

  • Improving the water quality of some of the tributaries feeding into Waimea Inlet, using lessons learnt from Neimann Creek and similar restoration projects (e.g. re-meandering streambeds, sediment removal, riparian planting, fencing, in-stream habitat enhancement).  
  • Increasing saltmarsh habitat by 10%+ compared to current extent, by recreating the right substrate and replanting with eco-sourced species. 
  • Creating of a habitat restoration strategy for the Waimea Inlet.
  • Ongoing weed control of Inlet margins (e.g. Tamarisk and jellybean plant).

The Waimea Inlet Billion Trees project (Phase 2) has received funding of $1.1 M for a further 70,000 trees be planted and maintained on approx. 60-70 ha of Waimea Inlet margins. This amount will also cover some fencing that is required. It’s a continuation of the planting work already happening in this area from funding allocated in 2019.