Against all hope Tasman did not get a lot of rain over the weekend apart from the Takaka and
Aorere catchments in Golden Bay. The water restrictions planned to come into force today will

The Takaka and Aorere areas faired best with about 30mm and that water will be useful. Dry
Weather Task Force Convenor, Dennis Bush-King said that some rivers showed a slight increase
in flow but that water is receding very quickly within very dry, warm and windy conditions.

The Council has been fielding concerns from people in the Dovedale area which moves to a
cease take as from today (Monday 17 February 2020). Dennis said that he appreciated this was
a cause for concern to farmers who had been given only four days’ notice of this change.

“The Dovedale area is particularly dry and having just completed the review of all the resource
consents, demand is greater than supply at certain times of the year. It is not always easy to
have a graduated response to restricting abstractions when the river runs dry. This is one area
in our district where we are similar to other parts of the country who move straight into cease
takes when circumstances require” Bush-King said.

There is still the possibility of some further rain during the week and the Council will continue to
monitor the situation and the Dry Weather Task Force will be meeting on Tuesday 18th February