Over the next week or so we will commission a new aerator at the Takaka Wastewater Treatment Plant – an upgrade that will increase the capacity and performance of the plant.

During the commissioning work it is possible that odours may be released, which could mean some unpleasant smells for those downwind of the plant.

We’ll do our best to minimise the chance of bad smells, by starting up the aerator when the wind is moving in the direction affecting the least number of people, and controlling the speed of the aerator to slow the release of odour-forming gases, for example.

Late winter is a good time to carry out this upgrade, as the treatment ponds produce odour compounds at a slower rate than at other times of year. However, there is still potential for gases to be released. 

We apologise for any unpleasantness the work may cause. Thank you for bearing with us for the short period needed to get the improved plant equipment up and running.