We’re reviewing the way we manage Saxton Field – and we need your help to ensure a bright future for our region’s largest sports, recreation and events venue.

Between 4 October and 16 December 2019 we’ll be asking what you enjoy about Saxton Field, how happy you are with the opportunities provided for sport, recreation and play, as well as the natural environment and landscape. Most importantly we want to know: What’s your vision for the future of Saxton Field?

The way we manage Saxton Field was last reviewed in 2008, so it’s time we took another look to make sure our management plan is fit for purpose.

Saxton Field is your public space and this is your chance to let us know how you would like to see the park managed in future.

This initial round of consultation will help us write a first draft of the management plan. There will be another opportunity to comment on the draft itself in May 2020.

Read more and have your say.