Council scientists are carrying out a groundwater quality survey in the Aorere/West Coast area to increase our understanding of the quality and quantity of groundwater in this part of our District.

First up, we're keen to identify the location of groundwater bores in the area. Then we'll carry out water quality testing to get a clearer picture of groundwater quality across the catchment.

This is the start of a five-year process to develop a water management plan to ensure our water resources are sustainably managed.

We need your help!

If you live in the area outlined in the map and use a bore for any purpose, we would love to hear from you to help us complete the first part of our research.

If you choose to participate, we'll arrange a time to visit your property in November or December 2020 to record some details of your bore.

Then we will test the water quality in a selection of bores spread over the Aorere/West Coast area to give us a good understanding of groundwater quality across the catchment.

If your bore is one of those tested, we will provide you with the water quality results free of charge.

If your bore isn't chosen for testing, but you would like to know more about your water quality, we'd be happy to provide advice on sampling and laboratory testing.

For more information

Contact Melanie Westley on (03) 543 8680 or at